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Clair Villeneuve is from the star of the Three Sisters 

Clair is no teenage girl but a centuries-old alien who harbors a dream that involves Earth. Her people must leave the supergiant red dwarf in the throes of death. In Robi's flying saucer Drive-In, Saffron befriends Clair, and takes her home to live in the basement. Saffron soon realizes that Clair's powers calm those around her. Saffron must decide is she the one who can help Clair on her mission?

Saffron Wilson is a fourteen year old student

Three novels include: Robi's flying saucer Drive-In, the debut, The Particle, the second in the trilogy, and The Great, the conclusion.

In The Particle, Saffron must take care of her friend as she races against time to deliver the particle to the place of its origin. At the same time, Clair's son Dion is in hiding in Portugal. Saffron, Fred, and Cecilia drive a food truck across France, seeking to evade those who wish to capture Clair and her child. Engaging the alien hunters who seek to destroy the one hope of safety for Clair's people, this is the only way to keep the dream from being shattered forever.

Fred and Saffron meet outside Aunt Arrossa's house 

In The Great, Saffron, Fred, and Cecilia revisit France and meet a tour guide in a country church. The church is on the Siantiago de Compostela road. Inside are many carved pedestals. At the top, are figures depicting ancient stories, messages from the studios of the artists. The guide unlocks the secrets of the portals in the carvings and the students meet a new team of ancient and wise beings who tell stories through animation. Inside the group is also an element of dark incumbents who are able to end the new wisdom from becoming known. Fred tells Saffron and Cecilia a secret from his German father, who knew darkness and overcame it. Will this be the clue? People from around the planet are being called.

In this YA sci-fi debut novel, 14-year-old Saffron befriends a classmate who turns out to be far from home indeed.
When Saffron’s parents buy a fast-food restaurant called Robi’s Flying Saucer Drive-In, she’s excited to tackle her first job and save all the tips she can for the ninth-grade class trip to Paris—that is, if her parents ever agree to let her go. Saffron likes the work and her co-workers: Pakistani ex-model Carmen, potato-peeling delinquent Ronnie, kindly Mrs. Imbeault, the French cook, “one of those people that makes you think the world is really all right.” At her all-girls Roman Catholic school, Saffron enjoys art class and astronomy, both of which she takes with new girl Clair Villeneuve. Clair is a white-blonde, her skin practically translucent, and she initially claims to be from Frankfurt, Germany, saying her mother works for the traveling carnival set up on the outskirts of town, by the nickel refinery. But when the carnival leaves suddenly, Clair remains behind, and Saffron’s family takes her in. That’s when Saffron learns that Clair is no teenage girl but a centuries-old alien who harbors a dream that involves Earth. Mrs. Imbeault also isn’t what she seems—and both women may be in danger. Kirkus

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