What is the change: The amendment defines “family violence”

Updated: Jun 1


attachment is PDF explaining what the amendment and new divorce act of Canada means and that it will be in place one year after royal ascent (June 21, 2020)

I was very curious reading the changes to the divorce act, an old act which did not reflect the position of inequality in service.

That women are experiencing violence in all its aspects -- that the children are being used as pawns, is not new but it is becoming so transparent and painful that it can no longer be swept under any rug.

Women are simply too powerful to allow their lives to be used as fodder for a legal system which has slept through many of the changes in the last few decades. The elite group inside the system has changed into a devastating collusion of haves and have nots. The new laws will criminalize child abduction.

In my opinion this is one of the best solutions to the non-effect of orders in the system. Violence in the system is the reason so many partners are in jeopardy. I would say that men and women have been harmed. There are so many anecdotal stories of women and men who have been used, financial abuse is rife in the system, child abduction is common, and justice is by no means fair. Children growing up in this milieu are experiencing a 'Handmaid's Yale'. They are being subjected to women hating in the extreme, being taught to hate their mother. The verbal abuse that mothers are affected by means that they cannot help their children because their older children are becoming unsafe in their presence. Here we see the new generation being taught by a burdened and wounded older generation.

It is the time for this last veil to fall. It is imperative that we save our children from this pattern.

Kelly Winsa

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