Vanishing Protections and Psychological Warfare

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Bibliot`eque historique de la ville de Paris

Similar to an addiction, want more of the substance

in every moment, a choice, to take more, or not take

more, to take less

"Power is the control, distribution, and use of power over human activities in society. Politics becomes 'international' when the competition for power is carried on mainly through the agency of governments representing nations; it becomes 'global' when the scale of competition is so broadened that nations througout the world are involved."

Psychological Warfare against Nazi Germany, Daniel Learner, The M.I.T. Press, Cambridge Massachusetts, and London England, 1971, p. 2

The main characteristics by which a government conducts business are; negotiation, persuasion, deprivation, and coercion. It is the last three types which this article will address in comparison to today's world for mothers and children.

I found this installation helpful to me in seeing the patterns.

Artist, Sun Young Kang

East Amherst, N.Y.

On her installation; 'Freezing Moments to Turn them Into Eternity.'

'I tried to visualize the invisible ideas in our life in a very minimal but obsessive way...I want to suggest a question how the past experience and forgotten memories become the strong force that connect individuals in different times and space subconsciously.'

In the family court in Ontario, Canada, there are not sustainable laws to prevent coercion and deprivation of mother and children. In fact, financial support during the time of separation is not protected and simple hiding of assets/money, can be used to stop a mother from gaining sufficient support.

In this article, psychological warfare is a sturdy title for the means by which these functions are carried out. While it may seem adroit, and even perplexing for those who have not been through the family court, there are very simple means to illustrate the not so subtle ways business is carried out.

I also wish to discuss the way in which these principles are mirrored in present day society, which is becoming transparent due to social media. It is very difficult for perpetrators of kinds to hide but an issue is indeed the very amass of information available and to strike at the heart of the issue is the point, as it affects us all.

The following messages were sent to a mother, all within her legal custody of her child. During the period #2 and #3, the mother's emergency support was removed. #1 had been carried out.

#1."...then one telephone call to Homeland Security could result in her removal from the U.S." Date: Feb. 3, 2016

#2. "...stop telling everyone (child) is missing."

Date: Aug. 23, 2016

#3. "(child) was not 'abducted' by (person). I think you are becoming delusional,"

Date: Aug. 23, 2016

1. This "Homeland Security Letter" is addressed to the mother and says that she stop appealing a decision or she will be deported. At this time she was with her other child, so the threat was a demand to choose. The act itself is the threat, not whether it is possible.

2. + 3. Six months later, exacts this threat and stops mother from returning home and defending her right for support payments, which she has already been ordered by this court.

In a turn which is psychological and may be directed at judges, the mother is depicted as a threat to the state. The act directs fear.

Historically, due process has been denied in many regimes. In WWII, deprivation was used to cancel due process. Stalin uses Troika, a group of 3, to shorten due process, often with fatal consequences.

Psychological warfare has internal damage, and significant removal of freedom from children. When a child is involved in kidnapping, and used for coercion, simple one on one, daytime, bedtime, routines are removed. The child is a hostage for if regular life resumes the child may divulge what/who he/she has seen and heard. There have been no long term studies of the effects of this situation on children. Trauma is an effect.

In WWII, in France, denunciations by others targetted vulnerable people and used to collect a reward. 'Les Parisiennes', Anne Sebba, St. Martins Press, New York, N.Y. 2016. p. 383

'But war, of course, is neither about merely statistics nor about playing with reputations. War destroys lives.'

'No amount of medals, could, however, compensate for loneliness."

'Deprivation is a form of dehumanizing.'

Included after the mother, is of course, the children. Underneath the assault is the fact, not often given the time or peace to unearth, that there are children being used as pawns. If the mother did not care about the children, they could not be used, a deadly paradox.

To separate a mother from her child is an act of violence, and history has many examples of this act used to deprive, separate loved ones, and leave them bereft, unable to act.

UNIQUE CROSSING OF BOUNDARIES OF CHILDREN; Persuasion is also coercion. The costs to the state but more important, to the family, are vast. Children cannot learn in a state of stress, and they suffer, especially after they lose their voice. While they may protest at the beginning, after time, they lose their voice, seeing that the system is not protecting them. This is seen in behaviors where they say something and then deny saying it, a heavy responsibility, but what they need to do to stay safe. They lose contact with their parent.

In a system, where a judge and police are used, this is a type of totalitarianism, where the usual places of safety have been reversed, and are now not a place of safety. This causes further shock.

If we are looking for a way to enforce Ontario's Code of Humn Rights, 1962, we must ensure that there are proper boundaries within the family court system. The first rule of parenting is boundaries. For a child to find that the boundaries have been removed is a very traumatizing experience.

Whether we are a bystander, or are unearthing this now, it is important to remember that every moment is a choice. If we say nothing, when we know assets are hidden, when we know a child is suffering, and we have made a mistake, then our own actions prolong suffering. Every choice has a consequence.

(Federal Human Rights Act, 1977, also protects against discrimination)

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