the new Federal Family Law Act

Updated: Jan 11


Judges play 'pick-up' sticks with children and feeding parents. A ruling by an untrained judge is a mess the parent must clean up. Then they go to appeal an expensive, time-consuming event that takes six months -- meanwhile the child is in the home of a non feeding parent as this is the person who will pay to access legal advisers who will contribute to the confusion.

These legal advisers make the most show in court. They are dramatic, inciting doubt.

The child suffers. The parent is lost in a whirlwind of litigation where the legal adviser who has made up the story refuses to acknowledge lawful rulings to return the child.

In the present case court officers defy orders -- children are disappearing. That's the trick. These people have problems.

Logic is not concurrent to the current Family Court of Canada. Parents are told they cannot speak. Indefensible false stories are treated with respect. This is intolerable at this level. Domestic violence is the word for private violence.

Feeding parent with deepest devotion are unsupported and have retreated sometimes leaving Canada. Illogical stories have been made up about them. Feeding parent uses resources to feed child -- does not use child to gain money.

Changes in the new Act -- Abduction of a child under 14 is now a criminal act with a 10 year maximum sentence. Abductors who do not follow orders and return the child cannot go into hiding, threatening the other parent. This private violence is now hidden. Consequences are necessary for the safety of all.

Court personnel don't understand rules are in place to protect others.

Education of clerks and judiciary is mandatory. Currently they smirk and control just as the rest of the people being paid by public money do. They are bossy and disrespectful. Their jobs are uncensored. It has been described as the wild west. TROs are sometimes ignored. The atmosphere is of people who want to feel their own power - not deliver a service. They are not required to get therapy but often order it for others who are not ill. Children go into therapy for the issues of the court or a parent who uses violence. This is common and the therapists involved are making 180. per hour, listening to events and not reporting abuse and trauma which would remove the child from a damaging environment. This is because to remove the child would break the system. The system relies on children and their closest parent to feed itself.

Once the child and closest parent are reunited there is nothing more for the court to do.

The legal advisers sometimes take over the role of custodial parent. This is unlawful.

Family violence is defined in the new Divorce Act (Bill C-78)

TROs must be defended by sitting judiciary -- not abandoned.

Psychological Abuse -- severing support to the feeding parent

Economic Abused -- the emptying of bank accounts + reversing blame creating debt for the feeding parent

are recognized, defined and against the law in this act.

Many legal advisers interviewed were aware of changes to the term 'custody' in this act. While this is true it is only one term changed in the act.

Legal Advisers -- the new name of lawyers -- must now inform their clients of their responsibilities. While this seems reasonable this has not been the case. Legal advisers have attacked the feeding parent and in some cases changed evidence.

Root causes of family violence have been exacerbated in the family court. It has been a service in name only.

We can expect cases in the spring. Canada will be watched by communities of families around the world.

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