Teddy Milder in Mexico


Teddy Milder lives in Berkeley, California. On the day after President Trump won the election, Teddy Milder arrived in Oaxaca, Mexico, to make art. She had planned the trip in advance and once she was there, she found that she had to work around what was inspiring her.

"It was bizarre to be in Mexico the day after the election," she says. She found herself honoring Mexican culture which has no end of heartfelt people. "Some ancient frescos, aging walls, graffitti walls," These surrounded Teddy. The ancient walls of Oaxaca.

She began to take pictures of them, "as opposed to demonic walls."

Then she printed the pictures digitally, on Amate paper, made from paper made from the fig tree family, and native to Mexico. Teddy pulped the paper herself.

She printed the pictures digitally on this Amate and hand stitched them together with silk thread. In Teddy was the desire, and she created inspired wall constructions out of the resources of Mexico, of Oaxaca and surrounding towns.

The result is on display now at World of Threads at the Oakville Community Centre. until November 25. This is a show which appears only every two years because of the work involved.

http://worldofthreadsfestival.com/ admission is Free

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