If It Doesn't Happen One Way It Will Happen Another Way ~ Balance

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

"As you say, you mustn't waste thought on the guilty. It's the innocent who matter." Agatha Christie 3

Agatha Christie wrote a story based on an organization in Germany after WWI which murdered parents in front of their children. Below are two quotations from the story.

Numberless innocent people are subjected to black mail and terrorization.1

Its inner circle is jealously guarded and no one is willing to betray the others. 2

Children are regularly victimized.

All who are participating inevitably fail the protective parent.

Impoverishment of the protective parent is a natural result.

Stories are told.

The parent who protects the children is isolated, paralyzing the child.

Children are asked to sign documents.

This is allowed to happen for years.

Judges are not trained. Their salaries like the lawyers' are high.

It would be exceptional to find justice.

The corruption is across the city.

Money taken from the protective parent is used to run the system, which in many ways is like an asylum. Children come out of it with trauma.

The system is very shocking.

Balance will happen because that is the way of nature.

https://www.history.com/news/political-assassinations-germany-weimar-republic Organization in Germany

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