OPP Manslaughter Charges in Amber Alert

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A one year old boy was killed during firing by OPP officers during an Amber Alert in 2020.

Both the father and the child died at that time, having been fired upon.

how family violence affects a child's world


Canada's problems with domestic violence is rooted in a deep misunderstanding of the cause of this violence.

Amber alerts raise all anxiety levels. On September 17, 2015 my thirteen year old son was abducted by his father. The father waited at a local restaurant, telling my child by social media to leave the house where he safely waited for me to finish a divorce hearing.

The father drove my son for 4 hours. The drive to Peterborough mid morning would reasonably take 2 hours. Therefore I surmise that my son was subjected to panic attacks of his father.

The father's lawyer had a practiced story that she told the judge. She said that she had not received the father's Temporary Restraining Order that ordered he did not contact my son, me or our other child. She did this in order to fabricate a story so that they would not be charged with abduction.

The transcript on this day shows her fabrication, claiming a fraudulently obtained court endorsement for custody. She also claimed she had not received service of the Temporary Restraining Order until one month before the day of this hearing. Both positions were false.

A father had an attorney present during the custody hearing who had participated. The temporary restraining order had been served to her on May 28, 2015. That was three 3 months before this day.

The lawyer had used her authority as a lawyer to engage the judge into believing she was telling the truth. This is using power.

She denied service to set the stage to focus on the child wanting to be in court, wanting to be abducted, to shelter herself and her client from what they were about to do -- take custody of a child through abduction.

This is analagous to the death of this young child. The lack of understanding of the state of panic, or possible psychotic incident in the abducting parent puts a child at risk.

Aggressive treatment of children is the focus of this problem.

A child must be protected from persons with history of violence. Records often show that mothers have claimed this violence to deaf ears. Police officers often listen to the person using violence and are triggered by the story this person tells.

In my case, the father and his lawyer covered up the abduction of my child making up a story that he wanted to be there but the father had been in our hotel lobby the night before and the morning of the hearing and had texted my son on his iPad which he didn't see and left behind. My son was going to my friend's house in central Toronto, a woman he liked very much with a big dog my child loved to walk and play with.

The lawyer told the court my son wanted to be there and had contacted his father all night, 'Demanded to be present,' but this was false.

She asked 'I'm asking that this matter be held down until my client gets here." and "The respondent (me) has made a concerted effort to keep this child in hiding."

She claimed p. 18 Transcript September 17, 2015 "What she did -- what she chose to do instead was sit on the documents, return to court on at least two more occasions and request adjournments so that her temporary restraining order would remain in effect, and my client wasn't served with the proceedings."

All of these claims are false. The father had a lawyer in the court during the June hearing who made himself known to me but not the judge. It was her client who was sitting on the TRO and it is possible that he waited this time to take matters into his own hands in September by filing this motion for this hearing to attempt to keep Ontario the jurisdiction of the divorce and take the child by force while pretending the other party was at fault.

This is coercive control and is often a component of family violence.

When a person is losing control, and they have used violence on the family, they use more force, more control and the violence escalates. My son was given to his father the day of this hearing, which shows that the lawyers tactics of reversing blame, a type of psychological 'Swatting' using a court but also police, to entrap a child and blame the other party.

This lawyer engaged two police officers, two adult men in uniform to 'guard' him. A thirteen year old child does not normally sit by himself for hours in a room guarded by police. The effects of this would become clear. He suffered blackouts and reported them to me because he was traumatized both that day but also being put with his father in a one bedroom apartment in downtown Toronto. He lived in a rural area in Hawaii with teachers and friends, and this is what the Hawaii Third Circuit said when taking jurisdiction a few months later.

Divisional Court also agreed.

The father would never return the child, would in fact dominate so that communication ended in exactly the way it was done on September 17, 2015, by telling false accusations to police, court, in motions, changing stories with each judge, denying a child his 911 phone call, it goes on.

I am talking about this in a documentary because the danger through manipulation of children results in their death, their mental illness, self harm and risk of STDs, HIV, homelessness (we became homeless in this hearing, except for the apartment of my former partner. No respect was given to our five years living in the US)

Without examination of the root core of the death of this child by OPP there will be other abductions and danger to children. Escalation of emotions create disasters, whether in the courtroom, or in a car.

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