5. Noted and Denied

Updated: Aug 28

Mr. Gottlieb was staging a power he did not have. He was pretending to have a power to authorize movement of a child.

On July 28, 2016 I became aware of two adult men who were interviewing my son.

They had no court permission, or my permission.

I wrote a letter to them, stop interviewing my child. 'Influence of a child is a serious matter. You interviewed my son, without my permission. I am the sole custodian.' The purposes of your firm's interview with my son, the purpose of which is alienation of a child from his parent, and manipulation of that child.

I am looking into the legal implications of your involvement in this case.'

Mr. Gottlieb wrote back to say that if I didn't include him in the hearing he would move back the date. In essence he was threatening to cancel my hearing to have my son returned.

Mr. Gottlieb had none of this power. Divisional Court had just ruled in the Appeal, that Ontario had no jurisdiction. The father had no custody.

Justice Paisley agreed with me at the hearing. He said, I have not seen this in 20 years on the bench. He wrote;

'Mr. Gottlieb appeared on this motion on behalf of the child. Mr. Gottlieb did not seek leave to add the child as a party. Affidavit evidence of the child was filed without leave. The child appeared in the body of the court. The mother was asked if she consented to the child being present. As the mother did not consent, the child was excused.'

'It was improper for counsel to accept a retainer on behalf of the child without court order or the consent of the custodial parent in the circumstances. A 14 year old child does not ordinarily have the means to retain counsel. I infer that the father instigated or encouraged the child to retain Mr. Gottlieb.'

Gottlieb and Aalto had also refused a new passport for this child -- taking on the power for a child in custody of a mother, to not be able to move around. They had staged a takeover of a mother.

He wrote, we have been retained to give the views of my son. That had already been done by a therapist and ordered by the court six months earlier. The claim was false.

Children are at risk of becoming primed by false interventions so that they no longer can protect themselves.

This is a very serious event. That nothing ever happened, and that my child was not returned, that another event was staged after Justice Paisley's Endorsement, and then another, goes to show us that the family court has no relevance in child care. The family court has no boundaries, the essential parenting tool.

Not only did Mr. Gottlieb have no legal permission to take a minor child into his office - Mr. Gottlieb threatened me if I did not include him, after I told him could not interview my son. 1 That he was wrong and yet he threatened a custodial parent is a serious matter.

After this hearing my son was not returned. J. Paisley wrote, "The Respondent mother need do nothing further.'

My son was not returned. On a visit to Hawaii to see me for the spring break, he had a breakdown. The lawyer of my former partner blamed my response to this breakdown -- not the ongoing psychological abuse of my son. I got the number for police from 411 in case I needed it and then went outside to wait for him to cool down. A time out.

The judge agreed with the lawyer, ordering that both boys' emails would be cc'd to the lawyer. No one sent anymore emails.

In 2020 my youngest son told me he could no longer listen to me. If he did there would be consequences for me. He protected me by stopping answering his phone.

This ongoing child abuse within the Ontario Family Court is unchecked by oversight. The Canadian Judicial Council dismisses almost all claims.

You cannot file a claim against their practices. They are no overseen by the Federal Human Rights Commission, as they are not on the list.

1 Mr. Gary Gottlieb wrote back 'Please be advised that I represent the child and as suck(sic) require service of all documents. Failure to serve me will require an adjournment.'

2 At a hearing on August 4, 2016, in Toronto, Canada

My son was abducted on September 17, 2015 in a staged event. The lawyer denied service of the TRO her office had signed for three months earlier. She told the judge the child contacted the father which was false. The child was staying at my friend's home so he would not be traumatized by any proceedings.

Social media was used to tell him to leave when her back was turned. The lawyer called police officers into the lobby of the courtroom when my child arrived, so he sat alone for hours. This lawyer has appallingly continued to lie to judges until the last hearing in October 2021, when she denied the 911 call my son made from his home.

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