Nick Payne writes 'WANDERLUST' on Netflix and BBC

Netflix's new British tv drama,'Wanderlust', focuses on a couple married many years whose sex life has hit a dead end.

Minus any narcissists/sociopaths, Nick Payne's tender writing and adventuresome treatment of all the characters takes relationships to a new level. Instead of blame motivated scenes, Toni Collette plays a therapist in a vulnerable way. Scenes with her own therapist illuminate the strength of her character, and her ability to use courage.

Her husband, played by Steven MacKintosh, is a teacher, willing to listen to his wife's ideas to revitalize their marriage, most specifically the sex life in their marriage. Their relationship is tender and loving. No holds barred there in the writing and the acting, which is superb.

You cannot underestimate excellent writing, and style of production in the accessibility of a new genre of television, for this is a new genre. Told with a saffron yellow light from above, in many scenes, the camera in front of the people walking and talking, the freshness of this series is admirable.

I hope there is a series 2. Find a quiet room to view season 1.

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