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It Was Improper for Counsel to accept a Retainer on behalf of the child without court Order

Updated: Jan 25

Yesterday the Guardian reported that dozens of children have been abducted from the care of the Home Office. The children are alone and the sole responsibility of the British Government.

Will the government fall because of this lack of control and ethics?1

In 2016 Judge Paisley of the Ontario Superior Court wrote, "I infer that the father instigated or encouraged the child to retain Mr. Gottlieb."

I wrote to Mr. Gary Gottlieb, "Influence of a child is a serious matter. You interviewed my son, without my permission. I am the sole custodian of [son]. The purposes of your firm's interview with my son, the purpose of which is alienation of a child from his parent, and manipulation of that child. I am looking into the legal implications of your involvement in this case."

He replied, threatening adjournment of my hearing to have my son returned if I did not comply.

Judge Paisley continued, " It was improper for counsel to accept a retainer on behalf of the child without court order...I infer that the father instigated or encouraged the child to retain Mr. Gottlieb." He further ordered "I order that the Children's Aid Society of Toronto be provided with a copy of these reasons and the decision of the Divisional Court supra. I anticipate that the Children's Aid Society of Toronto will assist with the reintegration of [son] with his mother."

Theresa MacLean lied to Justice J. S. MacLeod, a one year term judge, saying she 'Never received that [restraining order controlling the actions of her client, my husband] before August 10, 2015' The she asked my son if he wanted to go with his father, after the father abducted my son that morning -- not attending court but tracking him, telling him to leave the safe house he was babysat at. "A time comes when silence is betrayal." MLKingJr

This is beyond comprehension that in Canada a lawyer wields this kind of power. But the same woman was found by an Ontario judge

"arguably capable of implicating" Ms. MacLean in false

imprisonment, malicious prosecution, abuse of process

and civil conspiracy. Globe and Mail

Further, in 2018, Ms. MacLean used the abduction to gain child support payments for her client. This is child trafficking.

The case in 2003 the Globe and Mail writes, "His lawsuit says that family lawyer Theresa MacLean advised Ms. Lawrence to make up stories of domestic abuse to enhance her divorce claims to their marital home and children." Mr. Lawrence was acquitted of the false charges made against him, except for the one calling his wife, most likely to ask her what she was doing.

In 2018, Ms. MacLean showed a fraudulent receipt taken from my son, for 4,000. and claimed it was debt cancellation that her client made for my debt -- but the father borrowed this money himself from my son and it is traceable because he used it for a support payment nine months before the trial he used the fraudulent receipt during. Complicity means both parties were aware of the debt, used the receipt knowingly.

The Temporary Restraining Order Ms. MacLean knowingly denied service of in 2015 for my husband, she admitted knowledge of in 2018, at the trial, unwittingly. She simply stated the date she received and signed for service of the TRO. The real date of her signature was May 28, 2015.

Ms. MacLean took my son into a small windowless room. I opened the door, she called in two adult men--police officers forcing my child to sit in a corner of the lobby by himself.

I am trained in energy therapy, certified, 3 yr and know the signs of predation. There is a frenetic energy, the character structure uses others, cannot feel. 'What is your point?' she said hearing voicemail of chaotic babysitter's post abduction.

Ms. MacLean knowingly used my son as a pawn during the hearing where she denied service of the restraining order. She had signed for it 3 months before.

It appears that Ms. MacLean has been using made up stories, as Mr. Lawrence alleged, for almost twenty years. I allege she uses her position of power no differently than a priest in the Catholic Church uses his position to overpower others. It is possible that there is collusion with police and in the court because this is very clearly fraudulent and illicit use of position of power.

My house would later be appropriated by my former partner when Ms. MacLean told Justice Kimmel that I was so venal that I didn't cash a fund available to me. This idea to prejudice was to use a person in power by telling them false stories, and this was in October 2021.

I won the Appeal in 2016 with 3 Appeal Court judges in agreement that my husband did not have legal custody Ms. MacLean began an investigation at the Toronto Children's Aid contravening Judge Paisley's order.

She took part in separation of my son which has continued to today. When I said, 'the abduction was 3 years ago.' at the trial, showing my grief, she said, 'that is irrelevant.' She did not deny the abduction. In 2021 she flagrantly used my son's isolation from his mother as an argument in her favor -- that this was my fault.

My husband admitted to leveraging the children. He used this word and Judge Monahan made no comment at trial. There needs to be an overturning of the family court which only supports its principals who are admitting to lying, being paid to lie, and staying, hiding inside the system. The Residential schools were such a place and if we are not going to learn our hand will be held over the fire.

The father's lawyer sent the affidavits taken from the false child lawyers, demanding an investigation. She did not send the Order of the Appeal Court [Divisional Court], she did not comply with Judge Paisley's orders. My son was not returned, the Children's Aid Society would not comply with his order. Ontario had no jurisdiction at this time. My child would continue to be hidden until the father tampered with my passport, overturned the real orders in the US, re trying the same case without my presence and at the wrong court -- an appeal must be initiated within 30 days -- while his US ex-military lawyer sent me this message, "[son] is not missing. You are delusional."

To understand the values it is necessary to ask the question. Who is responsible for this lack of oversight. Who chooses the judges who do not value the law?

Judge William Horkins would accuse me of forging Judge Paisley's signature instead of writing his decision into Orders. My son is still away, and he told me it was because I would be threatened if he contacted me. The father's lawyer yelled it was forgery though she knew this was false. [wanted money for it: this is all about money. The last ten minutes of every hearing is listening to why you should pay for bringing your case forward. I was charged 29, 600. at the trial after the father posed a receipt whereby he borrowed 3,000. from our son and then claimed he repaid a debt I refused to pay, false and created over-confidence bias in the judge who believed everything the father said] J. Horkins returned. I asked him, "do you see what is going on here?" He replied, "Yes." but did not write a proper order.

Who chooses these judges? Who writes the law? Are mothers valued in the Canadian context of law? Below is a mother's description of her experience in the Canadian court.


"Number one: End all bombing in North and South Vietnam.

A true revolution of values will lay hand on the world order and say of war, "This way of settling differences is not just." This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation's homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged, cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love. A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death." Martin Luther King

CBC 'Anna' 'The father was given primary custody despite the fact he had been charged with criminally harassing Anna and granted a discharge on the condition that he not come near her.'

"He probably spent about $370,000 just trying to bury me … because he could. God forbid anybody ever, ever believed a word that came out of my mouth about how he treated me and what my boys went through." Ibid.

"It's not supportive of the trauma that you're going through when you leave that relationship, and then, you're in the worst place and you're fighting." Ibid.

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