Disbelieving Treatment

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CBC has revealed that contrary to the continued claims 'to help her' and 'did so in her best interest' made several times by Lorenzetti the insurance broker for Hockey Canada at the Parliamentary hearing last week, the complainant went through the steps to press charges, including being examined. It appears that the speed was not her instigation.

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'Law expert says complainant might have feared 'disbelieving treatment'

"Julie Macfarlane, a distinguished professor emerita at the University of Windsor, said the complainant participating in the hockey organization's investigations would lend credibility to the process.

She said Henein Hutchison is paid by Hockey Canada and known for its work in criminal defence. Robitaille was the co-counsel in the Jian Ghomeshi trial in 2014, in which the firm engaged in cross examination that picked apart complainants' statements on the witness stand, said Macfarlane." CBC

This is psychological abuse and predatory behaviour. That is uses systems we should recognize. Canada's history is rife intersection of those in power over those without power. The woman told Doolittle at the Globe and Mail she did not bring it up herself, the investigation became public another way. She gave several statements and took a lie detector test but she did not agree to an interview with Heinnen, representing Hockey Canada.

"The complainant here might reasonably assume she would be subject to the same harsh disbelieving treatment from this investigation,"' said Macfarlane." CBC

Hockey Canada tells the public a false story. It is up to the woman to correct it. They leave this up to her.

There were no minutes to board meetings and the money was paid out within 3-4 weeks of claim. (question from A. Horsefather)

So Hockey Canada is not moving swiftly to protect anyone. They are lying and then forced to tell the truth, and this is predatory behaviour.

The toxic behaviour is also in Canada's courts. The Jian Ghomeshi judge, William Horkins said I had forged a judge's signature, was wrong, did not apologize and then continued the hearing as if nothing had happened. He wrote an order that was not an order. My lawyer had won at Divisional Court, overturning the first Ontario judge and Judge William Horkins only needed to write up the order to have my child released from his father where he suffered blackouts, hearing loss.

Judge Horkins did not do this. He derailed the reintegration.

When I brought it forward again, other Ontario judges refused to correct it.

MacLean, the other lawyer denied service of the Protection Order. She said this while the child was being abducted. The reason she did this was to make the judge order in her favour.

Her office had signed for the receipt of the Protection Order three months earlier. She was well aware of the terms of the Order - prohibiting contact of her client, my ex husband, with us. The child would become a hostage. He was hidden.

Later my ex husband tampered with a receipt our son made for him. The father borrowed 3,000 for a support payment. Then he showed the receipt to the judge and made up a false story -- saying I would not repay a debt to our son. He did this so he did not have to pay proper support payments.

Often a non-protective parent is using the child for financial gain. The psychological entanglement of the judge is only one person involved. When this same tactic was used to block my entry to the US making a false statement to Homeland Security. This hid his intention to return to the US to take control and appropriate the joint property, which he completed in 2019.

When you don't look at the whole situation you can miss the true reason for child abduction. In Family Court abduction can be used for wealth.

It is for wealth for the lawyer, the judge, and the person making the false statement. The child and protective parent are made invisible.

The psychological entanglement of Hockey Canada, insurance brokers, create their world by falsely stating the survivor of the attack did not want to press charges. They changed their statement when she showed this was false. They are protecting their salaries and positions.

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