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painting by K. Winsa/2008 'the Ohana' #theresamaclean #familylawrules #childrensmentalhealth

'Owls live within the darkness, which includes magic, mystery + ancient knowledge. Related to the night, the moon and the owl become a symbol of feminine and fertility. Even the mythology relates owl to this wisdom and feminity'

At the border, following the giving of custody of my son to my former partner, I was not allowed to go to Hawaii. His lawyer had acted, or he had acted, as Homeland Security. I stayed in Ontario for 3 more weeks. I flew back to Hawaii three weeks later, without incident.

I opened my mailbox in Waimea with my key, to get all the mail which had been delivered while I was away. When I sorted through it in the next few days, my cat by my side (neighbors took care of her while we were away in the summers) I found a Motion to Evict.

The document stated that I had been living in a mental institutution, that I had hundreds of thousands of dollars but had allowed an asset to be taken. Attached was a Decree for a judge to sign. This had been filed with the court as well. In it, it stated that it was unlikely that I would attend the hearing which was in a couple of weeks, as I had not attended in the summer hearing (when my child was hidden, my orders for support and custody were removed as I could not pass the border because my former partner was acting as Homeland Security)

I called my former lawyer and he asked where this was filed. It appeared to him that the Decree was fait accompli. I discovered that it was not, that it was just attached so the judge could sign it.

A set up.

I wonder about an age, about a hundred years ago when my grandfather arrived in Minnesotta. He was a kind man in his late years, I loved him very much, and he was kind to my grandmother. They were of Finnish descent, both arriving separately from Finland. Karl Rudolph Lehto was to go to the London Olympics, so the story was, but instead he went to America where the streets were paved in gold. I have read other memoirs from the early Twentieth Century with this phrase.

My grandfather was working at a hotel in Minnesota where the clientele was so rowdy, and so alcoholic, they needed a strong arm to control the bar. Karl was a world class wrestler, famous in Finland. He was put in charge and apparently given the hotel.

I have a picture of him in my kitchen, naked, strong, handsome, his haricut very similar to my older son's. Beauty is timeless.

I sometimes ask him for help.

Of course I lost the suit. My former partner told the realtor I had instigated the suit, and that he wanted to co operate. I wish I could say I did a good job but really, it had been decided the summer before when the judge had overturned my orders, in the wrong level court. I told her about this, and she did ask me if the former judge had decided about the house. Here we were in a court, deciding about the house, and she did not know if it had been decided by the former judge.

She asked me. She directed her question to me, as I believe I was the only clear person in that courtroom. That she ordered against me I can only leave to her.

I have already written about the directions which were given to the attorney, to do whatever it takes, so I am writing about it. My former partner said, in front of the trial judge in 2018, that he had said, do whatever is necessary, to his attorney. I have noticed that the judge, did not finbd any fault in this statement. There was no mention of the force, or of the financial abuse, this annoyed the judge. I showed him cheques that tracked the payments. The judge became annoyed, said he would not allow this in his court, and later allowed my former partner's expert witness, who arrived with new financial statements.

A financial accounting had been ordered by an earlier judge, which cost 16,000. My former partner did not call this accountant. My former partner did not give financial disclosure. His business accounts were clearly redacted in the courtroom. The only business account statements I ever saw were the ones I asked for in this trial. The judge said, yes, let's get those, and 3 months of statements, which showed amounts which were taken only by my former partner, of approximately 80,000 Canadian, were brought to court. Finally. No mention of this financial abuse was ever noted by the trial judge. I will add that someone said to me that this judge was a good one because he had worked as a former deputy attorney general. I looked this up and this was true, but I do not think that this judge ever heard me. I don't think this is in an environment that looks at truth. The standing and sitting, the 'your honor' in an environment which is not clearly one of honor. The environment is said to be but to my self, this is apocryphal.

I am writing this, it is my truth.

After all, my children deserve it.


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