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Part 1 of the Robi's Flying Saucer Series

Saffron Wilson wants more. She lives in a busy house and has a big imagination. At Robi's Flying Saucer Drive-In, a fast food restaurant her parents buy, she discovers a world like no other. A group of aliens have moved into the back lot creating a carnival. Young Clair comes to Saffron's school and then invites her to meet the family. However, Clair is not young at all.

Clair's family is hard to find.

They have disappeared, and Saffron brings Clair home to live in the basement. Clair will rendezvous with her own people  with information about earth. Their sun is soon to become a red dwarf and swallow their planet whole. No one knows if Earth is safe for the Extraterrestrials.

Saffron can't be two places at the same time. She is working on her lifelong dream so how can she also help Clair?

The Particle - Robi's Flying Saucer Series

Part 2 in the Robi’s Flying Saucer Series

Saffron’s life goes on as usual. She listens to her teachers and sometimes her mother. Mostly she works at Robi’s flying saucer drive-in and hopes Clair Villeneuve will return.

On a particular Sunday afternoon, Saffron accompanies her mother to Bonaventura high school bringing rotisserie chickens for the sisters’ luncheon. Saffron notices a peculiar monklike figure entering the basement of the school and she follows him.

The creature has brought with him, an ancient relic. He leaves it  with Sister Maris Stella but the old nun cannot hide it for long in the old library. A plan is devised and Saffron must leave Antoninio, carrying an iridescent stone with her.  A delivery is in progress and the stone is irreplaceable. The sisters in a paris convent have an old foodtruck and help saffron, fred, and Cecilia escape paris but to what future?