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The Particle

Three kids deliver a package, hidden away in one of their knapsacks, to nuns in a convent in Paris. They are to turn back - but gendarmes appear. Hiding in France is a young woman and her son. Saffron, Cecilia and Fred must travel.  In the realm they enter, dark forces reside.

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Saffron meets a girl named Clair Villeneuve in Astronomy class. When she is invited to meet the family, they have disappeared and Clair needs a home. Saffron brings her to live in the basement. Saffron's anxious parents become calm around Clair, who is from another planet. She must bring her people to Earth because the sun of their planet is dying. Clair has a secret and she must keep this hidden. There is someone more vulnerable hiding on Earth as well, like the birds of old, under the ground.




Clair Villeneuve

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