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As the founder of KALAFILMBOOKTV  I’ve been WRITING creative content, ILLUSTRATING characters and DEVELOPING logos and POSTERS since 2002. Innovative and imaginative CHARACTERS reflect youth - their immense imaginations.  Over the years, I have followed trends in consumer reactions, and noticed breaks, markets left untouched. These coincided with my love of kids, teaching art to them, and knowing their preferences, having two of my own. They love to dance and move their bodies, so my characters take adventure to a new level. They are in the Earth School and they are teaching the older ones! I followed Hi Honey on the festival circuit and became aware of the intense love of co producing with other countries, and the economic strategy which smooth sails the film into other markets. My characters and situations reflect this intuitive knowledge. We are all one world, and KALAFILMBOOKTV has the energy of the new world. I have lived in Hawaii, Canada, and France, and have taken my film to Rome, Lucerne, Los Angeles, and Hawaii, where it was voted the People's Choice at the Big Island film Festival. This helps me feel into new culture, new time frames. We are experiencing now more than ever, the energy of all times, and this needs to be in our tv and film strategies.

when Fanny discovers that her grandmothe

The Flower Girl

This  polished script is about an 11 year old Fanny who is inflamed at the idea of losing her precious grandmother to a man. Precariously, she diverts her parents' attention, arriving in Florida ahead of them to stop the nuptials, though it sounds a horrible place full of alligators and crocodiles. A comedy for our time