The Particle

Saffron Wilson, fifteen, spent a year keeping Clair Villeneuve safe in the basement.
She brought Clair home, explaining to her parents that Clair had been abandoned. What they didn’t know was that Clair had been left behind by a family that could not adapt to the atmosphere.
Saffron hid Clair from hunters until she was able to leave – and she had done very well even recruiting her sister Lily to escort Clair to the ship. However, another year has passed and Saffron has news.
There is a person, a monk, who has left in Sister Maris Stella’s possession, a stone of such brilliance it has been hidden in his monastery for centuries. The particle must arrive in France with someone no one would suspect. Sister Maris Stella forces Saffron to give up her summer and deliver the particle because Sister Maris Stella is too old to go herself. Saffron would go anyway. She would do anything for Clair.

Robi's Flying Saucer Drive-In -- Part 2